EuroBillTracker, short: EBT  (clickable)

is an international project, to track the migration of
euronotes not only in europe but around the whole world.

The many thousand users are basically in the eurozone,
but as well in America, Africa, Asia, Australia and so on.

I myself am at home in Fürstenfeldbruck a district town
in the western region of Munich. In summer 2008, more
than 6 years after introduction of the euro I started
with the entry of a 10 euronote at EBT.

At the end of 2015 there were almost 50.000 notes - yet it is only a little
compared to the others who registered a hundred thousands and millions
of banknotes.  > See current ranking list

Given that every european central bank got a partivular code letter
there is a plurality of various euronotes. Following
there is a listing of the notes which I discovered so far:

·  1st (2002) Series

·  2nd (Europa) Series

Some of the notes registered by me have been recovered by other
users and these registered by other users have been recovered by me
the so called hits. For a better general view I list only
the chronologically first hit of the different countries
sort by date. Summary of country hits

Here you'll get informations about first hits
of certain values:

5 Euro: July 2008
10 Euro: December 2008
20 Euro: October 2008
50 Euro: November 2009
100 Euro: May 2011
200 Euro: September 2014
500 Euro: August 2015

My current EBT- profile you'll get HERE  (click on).

The euronotes which now move all over the world want to be retrieved of course.
Be a party to EuroBillTracker  and try to retrieve my notes
or these of the thousand other users. It's not only fun - you also learn very much
about the many colorful notes which move from one hand to another.

Annual statistics with further informations about entered euronotes
you'll find in following links:


Euronotes tracking in the media:

Germany Max- Planck- Gesellschaft 2006
Germany Malta Independent 2010
Germany Frankfurter Allgemeine 2011


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  82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
  Contact: marius-ffb(at)

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